Your ‘Dickinson’ classical guitar is built with a very thin solid wood top and light bracing in order to bring out the tone, sustain, and volume of the instrument. It is also entirely hand finished with a very thin layering of shellac, called ‘French polish’, widely considered the most beautiful of all guitar finishes. The thin light finish provides modest protection to the wood while not encumbering the vibration of the wood, thereby preserving the tone and natural sound of the guitar. The glue used in construction is animal hide glue. Hide glue is the preferred glue for musical instruments because it dries very hard and strong. The hardness of the glue prevents dampening of the vibrations at the glue joints. Hide glue also has tremendous longevity demonstrated by the many great historical instruments still in use.

These construction features are in keeping with traditional Spanish classical guitars. Guitars built in the traditional Spanish style are inherently more fragile than mass-marketed guitars built for durability. But with proper care, the beautiful sound and appearance can be preserved for many years.

French Polish
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