Limited Warranty

Warranty covers, to the original owner only, defects in materials or workmanship for two years after the purchase of the guitar.

Limitations include normal wear and tear to instrument. Does not cover damage from shipment, accident, misuse, abuse, other’s repairs or modifications, or failure to reasonably care for the instrument. Warranty does not cover cracking of wood or other damage from exposure to extremes of high or low humidity or extreme hot or cold temperatures. Warranty does not cover damage from accessories such as: humidifiers, capos, hangers, stands, etc..

Due to the nature of a hand-rubbed French Polish finish there are inherent small imperfections in the finish. Also, with aging, long-term hardening of shellac, and changes in temperature over months/years minor changes in the gloss and texture of the finish may result. The finish is very delicate and easily damaged by perspiration, alcohol, and other solvents. For these reasons, the French Polish finish is not covered by warranty.

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